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Dried Stock Lumber List


All lumber is offered for sale on a Board Foot (Bd. Ft. or BF) Basis.  This unit of measure uses rough sawn thickness, in 1/4" increments, prior to any machining.  Rough lumber is always referred to in quarters of an inch (i.e., four quarters - 4/4 = 1" rough sawn, five quarters - 5/4 = 1-1/4", eight quarters - 8/4 = 2"). Minimum rough thickness is 4/4 or 1".


In practice, board foot calculation is simply the square feet of surface multiplied by the thickness and can be computed as follows:


Width in inches x length in feet divided by 12 x thickness = Board Foot


For example: 

A board measures 9" wide by 8' long and is 1-1/2" thick. 

Calculation would be 9 x 8 divided by 12 x 1.5 = 9 Board Feet (BF).


When lumber has been surfaced, it is always referred to by an exact size.  (i.e., 13/16" or 1-1/4").  The board footage is calculated from its original rough dimensions.


The lumber listed below only represents what is currently stocked.  We also handle many other species for a wide variety of customers and would be glad to quote your needs on any other type of lumber.


KILN Dried Stock Lumber List

Alder Goncalo Alves Padauk
Ash Hickory Pear
Avodire Holly Pines
Basswood Imbuia Poplar
Beech Jatoba Purpleheart
Birch Kingwood Rosewood
Bloodwood Lacewood Sapele
Bocote Lignum Vitae (unseasoned) Sassafras
Bubinga Mahogany Shedua
Butternut Makore Spanish Cedar
Canary Maple (Hard & Soft) Teak
Cedar-Aromatic Figured Maple Tulipwood
Chakte Viga Morado Walnut
Cherry Oak-English Brown Wenge
Cocobolo Oak-Figured Yellowheart
Cypress Oak-Red Yew
Ebony Oak-White  



For the chart to the right, this lumber has been dressed and ripped oversize and then run through the moulders to assure a straight flat product.  If you don't have a lot of equipment or want to save time, this is for you.

X - denotes normally stocked.


By maintaining a remarkably diverse inventory of foreign and domestic lumber species, we are uniquely positioned to supply our broad customer base.


Monteath's modern processing equipment and large warehouse complex permits careful inspection and handling of many valuable domestic and foreign species.  Manufacturers continually rely on Monteath to help provide efficient inventory control by taking advantage of services that include specified width and length selection, "European" bundle tally and "post-kiln drying" lumber inspection.  Traditional "Exotics" continue to be an important segment of Monteath's lumber inventory.  New domestic and foreign lumber species are regularly added into our inventory, which keeps our name at the top of most wood user inquiry lists.




  lumber chart

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